Manuela Hübner

My mixed media works are direct emotional and sensuous expressions.

Observations on human nature, the life we create for ourselves and self-experience, they explore feelings, values, behaviours and their possible consequences.

Many pieces are directly or indirectly inspired by randomness.

In a world dominated by reason and the drive for control and perfection, luck is often mistaken for skill, belief for certitude, theory for reality.

I often take my cue from incidentally found shapes, markings, patterns or experimental processes.

My way of working is playful.

I suspend judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, and try not to force my conditioned critical mind upon the process and the medium, but to respond intuitively.

I go with the flow, with what the critical mind would call mistakes and accidents, and quite often with first attempts and first drafts as they contain all of the original creative energy.

a satirical style that injects humour and visual surprise into taboo territories
— Ruthie Collins, The Art Insider, Cambridge Edition (about Core Issues)