Erotica and… the Good Kid

The good child doesn't behave nicely because s/he wants to. S/he does so because the expression of exploratory or unconventional impulses was not allowed.

Nice, well-behaved children often become masters at hiding their feelings, impulses and desires.

In stressful situations, when they feel under pressure, they have the tendency to violate their own needs and then people-please.

Not infrequently do they become alienated from their bodies and develop anxieties or other issues around sexuality.

The concept of being good seems incompatible with the sexual feelings and desires that arise with puberty.

As adults, they often suffer from a deep sense of shame and have distorted views of their often perfectly natural longings.

A selection of works. All oil with pencil (some with metal leaf) on paper. Sizes vary from 30 × 40 to 38 × 42 and 42 × 56 cm. 2023 / 2024. More on Instagram.


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